Sweet Exploration
Polipoli is a very scenic area on the slopes of Haleakala about 3,600 feet above sea-level. Located in Kula, it overlooks the isthmus that connects Haleakala to the West Maui mountains. I learned to fly gliders on this slope, as did many of the people in our club. Polipoli is a gorgeous spot to spend a quiet family outing enjoying the scenery. Often, the R/C glider folks can be found thermalling lazily for many peaceful hours. If you look at a map of Maui, you’ll notice the island has what looks like a silhouette of a human head. Polipoli is located very near the middle of the “body” portion. Follow Hana Highway (36) east-bound out of Kahului about a mile. Turn right on Haleakala Hwy. (37) and follow it until it becomes Kula Highway (37). Continue along Kula Highway to Rice Park; turn left at Rice Park onto the “Old” Lower Kula Rd. Take the first right onto Waipoli Rd. (NOT POLIPOLI RD.) , follow it up-hill past Kekaulike Highway (377), continue on past the houses and into the pasture. When you drive over the second cattle guard (steel rails spaced 4″ apart across the road) you will make an up-hill, right-hand, hairpin turn. A hundred yards from that turn is the primary flying site. There is a second site just below the point where the road enters the forest. DLG GLiders Slope gliders rc gliders

She Had No Panties
My second woman lover come years later, I just never has the
guts to push it myself! I had a friend, divorced, about ten
years older, who used to live in the neighborhood and whom I
visited quite often. She also visited me, somehow usually when I
was alone at home. Very feminine brunette, a bit plump, flashy,
not fat, just little extra padding on hips and tights. I used to
like her figure very much...

After work I would end up at her place for a cup of coffee and
chat. She would be tired from work, her feet swollen after a day
on heels, she would take her shoes off and move her toes
complaining about swollen feet and naturally I offered her a
foot massage.  I would take her heel and lay her foot onto my
lap, lay my other hand along her sweaty foot and gently press
and then start to massage her toes in nylons.  Sometimes,
sitting opposed to her, I'd have a glimpse of her panties inside
the darkness under her skirt. My face would blush red,
frightened not be seen peaking under her skirt.

In time I realized I actually enjoy touching her sweaty feet in
nylons, there's something sexual in that and somehow accepted
the fact that she turns me on, something I would never dare
confessing to her. There was no need to, as I was going to
discover. At the meantime, those foot massages become almost a
friendly ritual.

And so, once... I was massaging her feet, she obviously enjoyed
it, with her eyes closed, changing her position on the sofa from
time to time. I was looking at her legs, feeling my nipples
getting harder under my blouse, when she moved a little once
again -- enough for me to notice the whiteness of her flesh above
her black hold-ups and something that made me almost jump: she
had no panties underneath her skirt! I had a clear glimpse of
her lush pubic hair in the darkness.

Next thing I noticed was: she was looking at me.  She knew what
I was looking at! I was red as... She stood up and gave me a
serious look from above and then kissed me in the mouth. I was
frozen, nor knowing how to react, her tongue probed my lips... I
was so shocked that I don't remember if I returned her kiss or...
I wasn't rejecting her, that much I know.

I think it lasted for long, I can't say I didn't enjoyed it but
it left me breathless so I pushed her aside and started to
breath deeply. She continued to kiss my neck, her knee -
swuuusssshh - rubbed against mine, I think I've let a moan, and
she started to caress my breasts over my jersey. I felt the tip
of her tongue tracing my neck when she took my hands and covered
her breasts with them, I sensed their fullness under the silky
material of her blouse and felt lost and found at the same time.

I tried to touch her nipple but she didn't let me, just
whispered to relax and give myself and she'll guide me... While
I'm not really into control and domination, even now, it's a
powerful turn on when I think of it. She asked me to caress her
legs unbuttoning my jersey at the same time. She liked my
breasts. Next, she unzipped my skirt and pulled it down, and
stood up watching me like that, sitting in my bra and tights.

She sat down again and continued to kiss me. I was sooo turned
on, I could felt electricity going along my legs down to my
toes, and I've got goose bumps at the back of my neck. She
whispered: "Just relax and enjoy. I want to hear you enjoying..."
She gently bites at my nipples, than took off her blouse and
unhooked her bra: those nipples I've never seen, large, round,
full, just like big aureoles without a nipple itself! She buried
my head into them moaning softly, pressing my head from one to
another and back and suffocating me.

She told me all I had to do was to relax and fallow her and
she'd teach me everything. I sensed order in her firm voice, she
knew what she wants and sounded like someone who gets it. That
turned me on.

She brought me to her bedroom and pushed me onto the bed, stared
to kiss my breasts, rolled down my nylons and kissed my tummy,
then breasts again. Her tongue was exploring my body: in between
my breasts, on my breasts, my shoulders, armpits -- there were no
part she didn't licked. Slowly she went down onto me. I could
felt her breath along my slit but she didn't touch me. Instead,
she licked my tights, spread my legs and started to kiss my
inner knees, saying she's not satisfied and that I must open
myself more. Than she kissed my foot, started to suck on my
toes. I was moaning loudly, panting heavily.  It turned her on,
her tongue was probing in between my toes with new force.  I had
the impression that I'll orgasm through my toes!

She checked my slit and said: "It's better now," and continued
onto my pussy, sucking my clit a bit roughly, but after few
seconds I felt nothing. She licked it with her tongue tip,
licked my slit like an ice cream and told me to caress myself. I
obeyed immediately.  I was hot and wet enough not to think with
my own head and she had a way to make me do what she wanted.
Then she asked me to come and kissed me in my mouth.

I was laying above her in a missionary position and felt my
pussy pouring juices down to hers. My breasts melted into hers.
My nipples were somewhere in her breasts, totally invisible. She
embraced me tightly with her hands but also her legs, moving her
pelvis into mine like we're fucking. And we were!

I kissed her neck and shoulder while she squeezed me wildly,
licking my ear at the same time. I kissed her like mad, like
I'll never do it again. She pushed me lower and asked to kiss
her nipples. I obeyed. She asked me to suck on her roughly. I
liked to obey her, that turned me on!!

I didn't have a clue what to expect. She moved my head all over
her body. When she took her breath, I couldn't see her face from
her tits! Than she ordered me: "Lick my cunt!" That word, which
I personally never used, had such an effect that it's hard to
imagine it. I lowered my head and raised my buttocks in the air
and started to trace circles in the air in the rhythm of my
licking. She liked that and asked me to continue. I licked her
the best I could -- that was my first time ever! She demanded
better and I've got her juices all over my face.

She asked me to lick her back passage. It was opened a little, I
guessed that she likes anal. My tongue found its way inside. It
was nice, a bit dry but smooth and different. I liked it. Her
pussy juices reached my face so I returned to her pussy which
opened a lot.

Kneeling, I was wet all the way to my knees! I kept my buttocks
in the air so she could see them. I licked her pussy and
caressed her strong tights. She opened her pussy lips for me and
I entered my tongue as deep as I possibly could. She put her
finger inside and I licked around it. Now we were both moaning.
She pulled her fingers out and said she want to feel mines. I've
put one a continued to lick her clit. She was horny and asked
for more, I looked at her and saw her squeezing her breasts.
Then she took my hair and pulled my head, raised it and said:
"More fingers!" I've put one more, and one more and she was
satisfied only when half of my palm was inside. My tongue was on
her clit while she moved her pelvis like she's fucking me into
mouth. She was wet and my face was covered with her juices down
my neck.

She pulled out my hand and said that it'll be little different
now. She started to stroke her pussy, or `cunt', as she liked to
call it, in front of my face. I panted onto her like a doggy.
She asked me to caress her ass, and while she was inserting her
fingers into her pussy, I inserted mine into her back passage.

I licked her inner tights and watched what she was doing. Her
hair into every direction imaginable, her eyes closed, she
licked her lips putting entire hand into her pussy. I've entered
her ass with three fingers. She was screaming and biting her
lips, shaking. With her free hand she grabbed my hair and pulled
my head wherever it pleased her. She was rough but at the moment
I was unable to complain. She moaned loudly, screaming wildly,
faster and faster. My fingers inside her ass were moving like
soaped. I gave her my best, I wanted her to cum wildly, I was
unbelievable turned on. I really enjoyed myself. Her fingers
stroked her pussy like it was someone else, like it was not a
part of her body. And then...

...she started to cum!  I licked her hand -- the part of it that
wasn't inside her pussy and my fingers were stuck in her ass, I
couldn't move them! I licked her bush, everywhere she was wet
and sweet and sticky, felt like I've buried my head under water!
 She squeezed my head wildly with her tights, I liked the
feeling of her lace-top stockings on my cheeks. Her orgasm
lasted for ages or at least it seemed like that to me since I
was licking and swallowing her cumm and I was happy that she's
orgasming cause I knew it was my turn now!

After her orgasm she pulled me up and started to caress my face
and put a finger in my mouth, the finger that only a moment ago
was inside her, so the two of us licked her juices. I couldn't
feel my pussy any more. She pushed me down to bed and stood up
by my side touching my breasts with her nylon foot, than
stroking all over my body with her foot. I liked the touch. I
could have seen her pussy, still open and `breathing' loudly. I
touched her pussy and she moved away saying I shouldn't have
done that, and that I'll have to behave well. Than she moved
down to lick my pussy, probe it with her tongue, pull my inner
lips and clit, and say that I'll have to open more.

I tried to open and she took a piece of chocolate and rubbed my
pussy with it, saying that I am very hot since the chocolate is
melting fast. Than she put the chocolate back and started to eat
it from me, licking and biting it altogether with my lips and
clit, saying she likes sweet pussies! I wanted to try her, so
she moved to my head and straddled it. While I was licking and
sucking she was pouring her juices over my face -- I felt like
standing in the rain! I started to gently bite her lips, she
started to moan and squeeze my breasts.

She moved back to my pussy and started to rub it with her
nipple, spreading it wide with her fingers, probing it and
asking me to warn her when it hurts. I asked to know how many
fingers are there inside me, she said "two". When I felt the
pain I asked how many fingers are in there and she said "four".
It hurt much and I asked her to stop but she insisted that I
should get used to it and the pain will vanish. I repeated my
begging to pull out her fingers and she eventually took them all
out and into her own pussy saying she feels like other woman had
just cum into her.

She took my nylon tights that were rolled away on the floor,
started to rub them onto her wet pussy and then started to
caress my ass with the same pair.  My back passage opened a bit
but she was not satisfied, so she sat onto my neck and started
to rub her pussy onto it licking my back passage at the same
time and slowly probing it with her tongue.  Than she spread my
buttocks with her hands and said she has to open it a bit more.

At once I a horrible pain and movements around my ass! She
probed my ass with two fingers. Moaning painfully I asked her to
get out of me, and she did, kissing my ass so `it wouldn't hurt'
and then, saying she wants to bandage the wound, she started to
push my nylon tights inside! I liked that and she was pushing
them slowly, licking my pussy at the same time. I couldn't
stands any more, I started to moan and asked her to lick me to
the very end and started to roll restlessly on the bed.

Than she moved apart and said to close my eyes until I can feel
her close by again. A minute later I opened my eyes since I had
her nipple in my mouth. But there was something strange -- she
had a strap-on dildo! She sat onto my breasts and put it in my
mouth, while I felt her still wet pussy on my skin. She asked me
not to be afraid. I could have felt the sweetness in my mouth,
it had some sweet taste. It was a bit bigger that the real
thing, thick and hard. Than she asked for a nice blowjob and
she'll fuck me everywhere and that scared me and turned me on at
the same time.

She stood up, leaving my tights in my ass and spread my knees,
entered slowly and then started to FUCK me, kissing me all along
and spreading my buttocks. I was loosing my mind. I knew I
couldn't go on for long. Started to moan loudly, to move my
pelvis, squeezed her with my legs and embracing her tightly with
my arms. She increased her pace, we were both sweaty and
slippery and totally wild, totally lost for anything else than
our wild rough SEX. I kissed her wherever I could. She put my
legs onto her shoulders and, kissing my ankles, fucked me faster
and stronger.

It was really wild, inexperienced until then. She let my legs
down, and held my by my hips, so I couldn't move much. She knew
how to hold me. I could hardly feel my crotch and legs, and
started to shake. My stomach was full of spasms, I started to
bite into her shoulder. I didn't know what to do any more! I
screamed, feeling electricity all over me but now even stronger
cause I couldn't squeeze my ass: it was open and filled up! And
than the volcano erupted and I started to cum.

She was `standing' on her arms so she could fill me faster and
stronger. I grabbed her tits and started to suck on them,
squeezing them both together so I can suck both nipples at the
same time. It was such a strong orgasm, I've bitten her nipples.
She said nothing. I've bitten them and squeezed her full
breasts, than grabbing her by the hips to push her even deeper
inside me. She fucked me until it started to hurt, then I calmed
down and she lay over me kissing me very gently and slowly.

I don't know how much it all lasted, few minutes or few hours, I
was broken. I couldn't feel my body. I was still full of
electricity, now mixing with fatigue. I lit a cigarette and went
home, my knees all rubber.  However, only a few days latter, I
visited her again....

Well, believe it or not, this is also a true story, And if
you're drippin wet, let me know at vumbura@yahoo.com and I might
write on our next encounter...

True Love
your touch is electric
i felt it the first time you held me
the way we connected so easily
i've tried to define it
searched for the perfect phrase
i've tried to describe it
in a million different ways - BLISS


Let me tell you something about myself I'm Alex (short for alexandra) 23
yrs.old, 5'3 in height short brunette hair. An average looking girl, who
works as an IT consultant.

My best friend - Kathy has this party at her pad and that's where I met her
- Lexi. A female blonde, 5'6 print model, the girl next door who has a body
to die for. She's a friend of Kathy. Kathy was the first one who I told
that I am a Lesbian.  And she's cool with it! (great!!!)

*knock, knock *

"I got it!"

When I open the door I was in shock to see the most beautiful creature in
the universe! She's a goddess! Haven't seen it for quite sometime now. It
takes another minute for me to utter a word.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Hi, umm,"

"Lexi, great to see you, it's been a long time!" Kathy interrupts.

I was still in the front door not realizing I was staring at her.

"Alex, Alex are you OK?"


I'm still mesmerized by her beauty that I didn't heard Kathy calling me.

"Yeah, I'm fine" with a shy smile on my face.

"Alex, she's my very first friend in the city - Lexi, Lexi my best friend
Alex." Kathy said.

I extended my right hand to shake her own. " Hi, nice to meet you!" still
holding her hand. "My hand?" "Ow, I-I-I am sorry!" Then I turn around not
wanting her to see me blushing.

Alas, Kathy, broke the ice "Lexi, why don't you just sit on the couch and
relax for a bit 'coz you are still early."

 "OK" she uttered.

After an hour, the whole apartment was full of people I barely knew, except
for our friends' back home in Florida. The whole evening I try to avoid
Lexi because of the incident (the shake hands) but make it appoint to sneak
at her beauty.

	I made myself comfortable at the porch when I notice someone
tapping my shoulder. When I turned around, it was Lexi. * Damn, I'm trying
to avoid her but then she's here in front of me!*

"Hey, Alex! What are you doing here? Not having fun?"

"Oh, no! I just want to admire the view of the whole city!" Then I sip my
Long Island iced tea. "I'm sorry about what happened earlier!"

"No problem!" she smiled back. *No problem? Whoa! Is she gay?* Then

I don't recall who talks first.  I just remembered that we stayed there for
an hour chatting about anything and everything.  As if she's a long lost
friend. I learned that she's a print-ad model, owns a house, living
alone. Well her family is in Los Angeles. We didn't realize that we build
our own little world in the porch. And turning us back to reality, was

"Hey, guys! What's up in that porch? It's almost 2 in the morning!"

	"Holy crap, its 2 am? I've got to work tomorrow at 8am!"  I said.

"Same here, got a shoot at 9 am." Lexi told us. "I'd better get going, it's

As we enter the room, no one was there except the three of us. "OK" Kathy
said. As I walk Lexi to the door, I stop her and said, "I had a great time
tonight! Specially talking to someone like you".

"Same here, I hope we can do this some other time!"

"yup, bye!"

	As I close the door, I saw Kathy smiling and saying "You like her,
do you?"

"Huh? Lexi? No way!"

"O come on, I know you!"

"Shut-up, I'm tired."  I snorted out.

Then I walk-off to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

*Do I really like her? No, Alex! You only see her as a friend, a long lost
friend! And I think she's straight, straight as a board! She's just being
friendly that's it * Damn!

	As I re-emerged from the bathroom, Kathy was already sleeping on
the couch. And I enter our room, you see I don't have an apartment yet
that's why I'm crashing to Kathy's place.

I slipped into my pajamas and I can't sleep! Every time I close my eyes I
see her face. Arrrgh! Tomorrow, I can forget about her, go to work, and
find a place of my own. Then sleep overcame me! At last!


The alarm of the clock woke me! 6:30am. "Damn, I don't want to go to work!
Its too early!" But I remember this is my first day at work! "I'd better
hurry up or else I'm packing my things to go home!"


I leave a note to Kathy who is still up to now sleeping! I get my car key
and headed to the office. My office was an hour and a half drive (excluded
the traffic) from where I was staying and it really pisses me off to drive
that long. So I'd better find a place near the office or else I may end up
always late.


I park my car, enter the building, and go directly to the HR dept. As the
HR head lead me to my assign department, there's this (blonde!) girl wave
her hand towards me. *What she's up to?" I smiled back and returned the
gesture. And at that moment Lexi crossed my mind! *Oh, no! Not again! *

	Lunch was fast approaching, when this blonde girl approaches me and
said " hi! I'm Nicole! Just like you I'm new in the company and I don't
know anyone! Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"huh? you mean?"

" What I meant was I can be a your lunch buddy?!" she said while blushing.

	"Oh, yeah! Sure thing!" * What am I thinking? Come on Alex! *

Lunch was good. She's fine, she's cool, and she's up to everything! She
talks a lot. And I like that.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly. As I got home, I'm too tired to
have a small talk to Kathy about what happened during the day. So I went up
straight to the bathroom and clean myself up. I'm just too tired to eat,
but I'm not in the mood to sleep. My mind was wandering again, then the
thought of Lexi hit me.

	"Why did I always think of her? This is not good for me. Damn,
Damn, Damn!"  I got up to bed and face myself in the mirror. "Alex, what
are you thinking? Remember this - Never fall in love with straight
girls. Bare that in mind!!"  "Arrrrgggh! Shit"


	"Honey, I'm going to have a new house mate. You see she's looking
for a place near her office and can't still find one!" Lexi told her
boyfriend - Paul.

	"Again? And who that is?" Paul inquired

	"Alex, Kathy's friend! Remember her?

"Yeah! Alex? A Man?"

	"No, She ok?"

	"OK, so when will she moving in?"

	"Well, I didn't ask her yet, but I think she can't resist the offer
'coz its near her office. "Huh? Well, as long as she's discreet, like the
other one then no-problem!"

	Paul is Lexis' boyfriend for eight months and he is an open-minded
person about gay people. (Bless his heart!)

	The drive home went by and Lexi became silent. * Why did I like her
to be my housemate? I just met her last week. This is not me, I barely
trust people I just met, and now I offer my house? * *What's with her?
Maybe I just missed my younger sister.*

	"OK, we're here! Lexi, are you all right? "

	"Yeah! Thanks, bye!"

	"Lexi, Honey, I love you!" Paul said as he kissed Lexi.

	"Love you too, Honey!"


Friday afternoon...

"Hey there? Are you doing something tonight? Its Friday night! No work

"Don't have plans yet!" I smiled.

"So you wanna go bar hopping with me tonight?" she asked nervously.

	"I'll let you know later." "Alright?"

	"Yeah." The twinkle in her eyes fade away when I said that to
her. I don't want to go bar hopping that Friday night simply because I just
want to sleep.

At last, the week was finally hitting to an end when my cellphone rang it
was - Lexi!


"Nicole, I can't go with you tonight. A friend called me up and I think
it's an emergency. I am really sorry!" I said.

	"Don't worry, I understand." Still not smiling. With the look on
her face she's sad.

	"Don't worry, Nicole. I'll treat you maybe next Friday, Alright?"

 "We'll go wherever you want! I promise you that"." OK?"

	She enlighten up when she heard what I said. "You sure?" she's like
a little kid that her mom just gives her a gift.



"Hi! Sorry I'm late! I got to finish some designs!"

" It's OK, just got here in a few minutes!" Lexi said

" So, why do you want to see me?" I inquired.

	"Well, umm, ahh," Then I raised an eye brow " hey, are you a OK?"

	"Yeah, yeah, you see, I-I was living home alone and you told me
that you're looking for a place near your office, right?"

	"Yeah, what about it? I said.

	" Well, I have a spare room and I think you can use it."

	" Are you sure? Well, I don't know yet. Maybe I'll take a look at
it first."

	" Of course, I'm sure and I think you're good enough to be my house
mate!" she smile while blushing.

	"Well then, I'll visit you next week and take a look at it!" with a
wide smile on my face. This is going to be fun!

	"Great! So I'll see you next week then?" "Yeah!" I said.

And then it hit me! I haven't dropped the bomb - that I am a Lesbian!

	" Lexi, there is something you should know."

	"Huh? Got a problem?" she asks.

	I drink a full glass of water before speaking up! I don't know what
will be her reaction but I hope its positive. My heartbeat was beating
faster than the usual. I don't know if this will be a good idea to tell her
but if I'm moving with her I guess she had the right to know. Besides it
her house.

	"So tell me what it is?" she said looking at me.

	I look at her straight to the eye for about a minute before is

"Umm, I-I-I'm a Lesbian!"

that's it folks for now! Ta-ta!

Missionary Work: To be honest with thyself.
 Sister Cullen stood awake that night staring at the ceiling counting
the cottage-cheese lumps in the ceiling.  She was desperately trying to get
her mind to relax.  To no avail, her mind would not cooperate.  How could
she sleep with Sister Jensen next to her in the next bed, so close but so
far away?  Sister Cullen came on the mission to get away from this, why was
this feeling confronting her?  Sister Cullen just started training Sister
Jensen two days ago, and she was already starting to have feelings for her.
She couldn't help but catch fleeting glimpses as Sister Jensen put on her
dress, her nylons, she imagined those slender, legs wrapped around her.   Oh
she had to get those thoughts out of her mind.  This was of the devil.  She
needed to focus on the work.  Sister Cullen was responsible for Sister
Jensen, she was new in the mission and Sister Cullen wanted to be the best
trainer.  She wanted to share her vision of the beauty and the pure love
that goes into missionary work.  She wanted to show her the miracles that
could happen when you shared your love with another person and watch them
change and grow before her eyes.  True, Sister Jensen was waiting on her
Visa to go to another Mission to Russia, but Sister Cullen wanted to send
her in style.
      Sister Jensen was short and had short red-hair and piercing blue eyes.
  Sister Jensen was a hard worker too.  She was sexy as hell too.   Each
time Sister Cullen passed by Sister Jensen, she could feel her sexual energy
emulating from her.  That just drove Sister Cullen wild and hot with
passion.  It was forbidden passion, passion that should never be.
      She knew the missionary handbook and had it committed to memory.  The
church strictly forbade any kind of flirting, touching, or even kissing to
members of the opposite sex, let alone the same sex.  The thought of same
sex relationships was blasphemy in the site of God, and if one was caught
having a homosexual relationship, then the missionary would be sent home in
shame and would be excommunicated.   However, if the church leaders even
knew how Sister Cullen felt about Sister Jensen, then she would
automatically be sent home in shame.  It didn't matter how good missionary
she was, they had zero tolerance for these things.
    Sister Cullen started to gag at these thoughts.   She felt the anxiety
fill up her heart.  Within a few minutes, she ran to the bathroom in a cold
sweat.  The pain in her chest was crushing.  Tears filled her eyes; she
could not bear this anxiety this pain.  She tried to scream out.  No sound
came out of her mouth.  Tears however fell from her eyes.  Her heart was
crushed.  She felt the pain and the void of feeling the hollowness.  The
emptiness inside was a slap to her face and a one ton brick crushing her
heart.  Why did Sister Cullen feel this way?  Why was she having these
feelings for Sister Jensen?   Could she be homosexual?  Was she just
confused? Then she remembered Laura.

      "Good morning Class, My name is Laura Callahan, I am replacing your
old teacher Miss Shipley.  This is my first time teaching I just received my
degree at Cal Poly Long beach. I have two master's degrees. One in English
and one in Drama."
     From the time Lauren said those words, Patricia was hooked on Laura.
She was 5 2'' a deep sea blue eyes, blonde hair, a tan anyone would envy.
She had a cute round butt, and there was an elegance and grace to Laura.
She was elegant and graceful in her teaching.  Patricia and Laura from that
first day had a meeting of the minds.  True, Patricia was the student, but
Patricia could not help but stare at Laura's eyes as she lectured on
Shakespeare.  Patricia would meet Laura for lunch.  Patricia was a loner and
did not have friends, so she would go to her honor's English teacher Laura
and they would talk during the lunch half hour.  They would talk about Emily
Dickinson and the time Laura was an actress.  Patricia just listed intently
fascinated with Laura.  It was a beautiful friendship.  They really had a
connection together.  Laura was not only Patricia's only friend, but she was
a mentor in every way.  She was the nurturing woman that Patricia never had.
  There were times when they finished each others sentences and would giggle
to themselves.
    Three months later, Patricia found herself changing when she talked with
Laura.  Before class, Patricia's heart would race and beat harder, and her
palms would become sweaty.  Laura was constantly in her thoughts as if she
was tattooed on her brain.  Each time Patricia thought of Laura, she would
smile, and her heart would soften as a pillow fresh from the store.  No
matter what Patricia tried to do, Patricia could not get Laura out of her
mind.  At night, when Patricia would put on her stereo, she would hear
Secret Lover's from Atlantic Starr and fantasize about being with Laura.
    Patricia would slowly undress from her pajamas feeling her heart beat
harder and faster as each article of clothing slipped off her voluptuous
body.  Patricia would imagine Laura touching her breasts lightly as she
stroked her own breasts.  She would imagine Laura's body on top of her own.
Her breasts merging into hers as Laura kissed down her neck and her collar
bone.  Patricia would touch her stomach and pretend that Laura's hands were
moving over her navel, and then down to her womanhood.  The passion was
intensifying, as Patricia would breathe harder and sigh with pleasure.  The
waves of electricity pulsating from her head to her toes.  She wanted and
needed Laura in her arms and in her bed.  Patricia then pictured Laura going
down on her as she fingered her own clit.  Patricia imagined Laura going
down and eating Patricia's Pussy, and tasting her sweet cream that came from
her womanhood.  Patricia was building to an orgasm, and Patricia touched
harder and faster, her passion was intensifying until she exploded with
delight and her juices gushed all over her hand and her body trembled of
sheer passion.
      Never Did Patricia ever have any other fantasies about men.  Laura was
the first woman that she ever fantasized about, deep down inside, Patricia
was not even attracted to men at all.  In her heart it felt so right to be
with Laura and to be with women but her mind would not have no such thing.
The belonged to this church and it was blasphemy to even masturbate let
alone have homosexual feelings.  Patricia kept trying to put this back in
her mind, but it still kept gnawing at her being.  It took Patricia three
years to get Laura out of her mind, and that was one of the reason she went
on a mission.  To get rid of these feelings.

     Oh dang, I get to Texas and all I can think about is Sister Jensen as
Patricia thought to herself.  How am I going to go through this mission like
this? Its bad enough I have to spend 24 hours with this woman and work and
live with her.  How am I going to do this? Sister Patricia Cullen thought to
herself.   How? How? How? She could only think of one thing, work.  She
needed to work her tail off.  Work and don't think about anything and hope
Sister Jensen gets that visa soon.  Yeah she was going to really commit to
the mission, and not let her mind think about other things.  She had to lock
her heart.   If the missionaries had to lock their heart to the opposite
sex, then she had to lock her heart to the same sex.  Patricia splashed cold
water on her face in the bathroom and told herself as she looked in the
   "Sister Cullen, you are a missionary, and you need to lock your heart.
No Further discussion okay?"
      6:30 came around too soon; Patricia just went to bed a half hour
earlier.  Today was going to be hell, with only 30 minutes of sleep and a
full day of tracting and knocking on doors.    Patricia rolled out of bed
and got immediately on her knees for Morning Prayer.  She pleaded for
strength that day, first to keep her eyes off of Sister Jensen and to keep
going today.
    "Good morning Sister Cullen. Did you sleep well?" asked Sister Jensen
     "Good morning Sister Jensen, yes I did, how about you?"
     "Very well.  I am going to jump in the shower before we start our
     Oh how Patricia wished she could join her in that shower.  Wait; there
was no room for such thoughts and desires.  Patricia had to behave herself.
Remember lock your heart.
      The day dragged on and on and it was one countless door slam after
another and by lunch time, the temperature spiked up, and it was hot and
sticky.  Patricia felt like she was about to pass out from the heat and the
exhaustion from the day.
      "Sister Jensen, I don't feel so well right now, what do you say we go
home for a little bit, and eat lunch at home and then we can come back out,
I feel like I am going to pass out. "
      "Okay Sister Cullen, I can practice my Russian and study the
      "That sounds like a good idea. "
      Sister Cullen and Sister Jensen both walked in their air-conditioned
apartment.  It could have been the heat or the exhaustion but Patricia
passed out on the couch, and started crying.  She was feeling so many
emotions at once.  This love for Sister Jensen, the pressure to be a good
trainer, and the sadness that was already overcoming her with all this
stress.  She couldn't take it anymore.  Just then Sister Jensen walked over
to Sister Cullen.
     "Sister Cullen, what's going on?"
      Sister Cullen couldn't reply, just the tears kept streaming down her
face and the sobs racking her body and spinning it into convulsions. Sister
Jensen just wrapped her arms around Sister Cullen and just held her trainer
as she was sobbing.  She didn't know what to do but just hold Sister Cullen
in her arms.
    "I just want to be a good trainer and be a good missionary."  Patricia
sobbed.  It is keeping me up at night.  All this pressure and stress is
getting to me.  "I can't take it anymore."
    "Sister Cullen, I love you, you are going to be okay. You are a fabulous
missionary and I love you very much.  You have been a friend and a caring
missionary and I have learned so much from you so far. Don't doubt yourself
sweetie.  I believe you. "
    "Thank you Sister Jensen, I love you too.  Very much so.  I just get so
torn sometimes.
Patricia and Sister Jensen just stood there for a long time holding each
other as Patricia buried her face in Sister Jensen's soft shoulder.  There
breasts were touching and pressing against each other and for a minute,
Patricia thought she felt Sister Jensen's breast harden as hers hardened a
little.  They were both aroused.  They quickly broke the embrace as the
phone rang.
   "Missionaries, Sister Cullen."
    "Hi Sister Cullen This is President Mitchell's Sister Jensen got her
visa.  She is going on the next plane to Russia.  She needs to be at the
mission home in 2 hours. I know she just got there but she needs to pack up
now.  Sister Gomez will pick you up at the mission home and you will be with
her for the time being."
    "Sister Jensen, That was President Mitchell, you got your visa.  You are
on the next plane to Russia we need to be at the mission home in 2 hours."
Said Sister Cullen.
     Sister Jensen had tears in her eyes, tears of joy and happiness.  She
was going to be transferred to Russia, and go where she belonged.  But she
was going to leave her beloved trainer Sister Cullen who worked hard to
please her and help her feel welcome in Texas, and whom she was beginning to
have an attraction to.  Some things were just not meant to be.

To be continued.

lesbian experience
One day, while I was trying to get some rest, one of my friends came
over. Her name is Victoria. I've known her for about three years. She
has money and likes to flaunt it. She just got back from a vacation in
Mexico (lucky girl, I wish I had time to go on a vacation. Hell, I wish I
just had time) and wanted to tell me about it. I was in the kitchen
making us some tea while Victoria sat on the couch. She was droning on
and on about how fun Mexico was. I wasn't really listening too much so I
missed the whole story about a necklace she wanted to show me. When I sat
down beside her, she held out a beautiful pendant necklace.

Victoria said, "Look at this pendant Kelly. Isn't it pretty the way it
changes colors. If you look real hard you can see beautiful designs in
it. Look hard concentrate on the pendant, concentrate on the pendant,
nothing but the pendant..."

The next thing I knew it was four hours later and Victoria was gone. I
called her on the phone and she told me that when she was showing me her
new necklace I fell asleep. She thought I must have been very tired. So
she let me sleep and showed herself out. I apologized to her and told her
she could come over tomorrow to show it to me.

She said "That will be nice. I am looking forward to tomorrow."

I couldn't believe I was that tired. I'd never fallen asleep like that
before. That night after I got the kids to sleep I was feeling a little
horny. I decided to masturbate. It felt really good but I couldn't cum.
Right at the point I thought I was going to cum it would subside a
little. I tried for about an hour. Finally I gave up, and put it down to

The next morning I woke up as horny as I went to sleep. I thought I'd
play with myself after I get the kids off to school. As soon as the door
was closed when the kids left my hand was down my pants. I needed some
relief. I played and played but could not quite cum. I just happen to
look at the clock. "Oh shit," I thought, "I'm going to be late for work.
I need to stop masturbating, but I need to cum." Finally, I gave up and
went to work.

When I got home from work I wanted to play with myself again, but
Victoria showed up.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep on you yesterday. I must have been more tired
than I thought," I told her.

Victoria said, "That's ok, dear. I just wanted to show you my pendant."

She held it up and it glistened beautifully. I couldn't take my eyes off
of it.

Victoria said, "Look at this pendant Kelly. Isn't it pretty the way it
changes colors? If you look real hard you can see beautiful designs in
it. Look hard, concentrate on the pendant, concentrate on the pendant,
nothing but the pendant..."

I couldn't believe I fell asleep again. "She is going to think I don't
care about her necklace," I thought. "Which I don't, but I do care about
her feelings." I called her up and we went though the same conversation
again. Once again, she'd be coming over tomorrow. I got the kids fed,
bathed, and off to bed. I was so horny I needed some relief, but it
happened again. I couldn't cum. I needed it badly. The next morning it
was the same way. That made two days in a row I was late for work because
I was masturbating and I still didn't orgasm.

The rest of the week went the same way. Every time Victoria tried to show
me her necklace I would fall asleep. I would apologize and make plans to
try again. Every moment I had alone my hand was down my pants and I was
trying to find that orgasm that kept eluding me. The whole week was a
horny frustrating blur. I was desperate now. I was to the point that when
I couldn't cum while masturbating I would start to cry. I needed relief
more than I ever had. I would do anything, or so I thought.

It was Friday, I was so happy I didn't have to work and I'd gotten the
kids off to school. I had all day to find that orgasm that I needed so
badly. I had been at it for about three or four hours, I'm not sure. I
was tired and extremely frustrated, on the verge of crying. I was almost
there but that was where I stayed -- almost there. When a knock came at
the door, I didn't know weather to be sad that I was being interrupted
or happy someone was breaking this frustrating cycle.

I answered the door; it was Victoria. She probably wanted to try to show
me that stupid necklace again.

"What's wrong, Kelly?" Victoria asked.

I was a little embarrassed. I probably looked terrible and my house must
have smelled like my overworked sex. I didn't know what to say. I hoped
she didn't notice the smell but she must have, it was so strong.

"Nothing I'm just a little tired, that's all," I answered.

"Do you want me to come back later?" she asked. Yeah, she noticed the

"No, come in, I'm fine," I told her.

Victoria came in and sat on the couch. We had some small talk and then
she said, "I know what's wrong with you, Kelly".

"Oh really, and what's that?" I asked in response.

"You're horny and frustrated because you can't cum." Victoria said.

"What?" is all I could come up with. "How does she know?" I thought. "Is
it that obvious to her? I know she can smell me, but the smell doesn't
say I can't orgasm."

"Well, I have a little confession to make," she said.

"What, have you been spying on me?" I said angrily.

"No, no, not anything like that. I hypnotized you," Victoria told me.

"Are you crazy, what are you talking about?" I asked, confused.

"You know all those days I would come over and you would fall asleep?"
she asked.

"Yeah," I said cautiously.

"Well, I've been hypnotizing you. Well, not so much you, more your
pussy," Victoria said.

"What?" was, again, all I could say. I thought Victoria must have been
going crazy. This made no sense.

"Yeah, I've been hypnotizing your pussy. I've been making it a lesbian.
The only way that cute little pussy of yours is going to cum is if it
rubs against my pussy," she said.

Well, I'd heard enough of this crap. I kicked Victoria out of my house.
As she was leaving she said, "When you're ready to orgasm I will be at
my house, but you are going to pay for treating me like this. I will
humiliate you before I let you cum."

It had been a week since I talked to Victoria. When we talked last I had
thought she was crazy with all of her talk of hypnosis. I was beginning
to think there might be more to it. I hadn't been able to cum, and it
wasn't from a lack of trying. I had masturbated three to four times each
day. The frustration was to the point that I cried every time I
masturbated when I didn't cum. I just couldn't seem to orgasm. It's
like it was right there but it never happened. I couldn't believe was
going to go to her house but I needed relief. I was willing to try
anything. I wanted to find out what she did to me.

On the drive to her house I began to think this was a stupid idea. She
couldn't have hypnotized me like that, could she? If she did, what was
she going to make me do? This whole thing didn't make a lot of sense to
me. Why would she want to do this anyway? I was getting mad thinking
about it. The closer I got to Victoria's house the madder I got.

I finally arrive at Victoria's house. Before I could knock on her door,
she opened it. Victoria stood there with a smirk on her face and said,
"Well, well, well, looks like Kelly's little lesbian pussy is calling
the shots now."

"Ok, what did you do to me?" I asked angrily.

Victoria said, "How rude," as she slammed the door in my face. I was
stunned, I didn't expect her to do that. So, I knocked on the door.
"What," is all Victoria said.

"You better change me back," I told her.

"No," was her only response.

"I will go to the police," I shouted though the door.

"And tell them what exactly, that you were hypnotized and can't orgasm
now? I think they will just laugh at you. They have more important things
to do than listen to a crazy woman. Don't you think?" Victoria said

"Please stop doing this to me," I said, almost crying.

"What was that? Did `please' just come out of your mouth?" she asked.

"Yes," was all I said.

"Well, now all I need is an `I'm sorry,' and I might let you in."
Victoria said.

"I'm sorry, please let me in so we can talk," I said. As the door opened
Victoria said,

"You can come in, but any more rudeness and you will leave. I won't let
you come back for a long time. What would your little lesbian pussy think
of that?"

"Don't talk to me like that," I said sharply.

"That was very close to rude. I will talk to you any way I like. I'm in
charge here," she said.

"Ok, ok, sorry just change me back to normal," I said.

"I don't want to and even if I did I can't what's done is done."
Victoria replied.

"What did you do to me?" I asked, not sure I really wanted to hear the

"For the last couple of weeks, I've been hypnotizing your pussy so to
speak, to be horny, but to only be able to orgasm when it rubs against my
pussy." Victoria said. "The reason I say I hypnotized your pussy and not
you is because you are still the same. Straight girl Kelly that doesn't
like girls now has a nasty little slit between her legs that will only be
able to get off when it kisses another pussy. I like that idea, don't

"No," I said.

"The question was rhetorical, but it's ok, the more you tell me you
don't like girls, knowing that your pussy will only respond to another
pussy, makes me hot," she said.

"I don't care what makes you hot or gets you off," I said.

"You better start or I won't let that little dyke pussy of yours kiss
mine and get off to relive that frustration of yours," Victoria said.

"I don't believe you. You can't do that to a person," I told her.

"Well, the only way to find out is to rub your pussy against mine isn't
it?" she said.

"I don't know," I said.

"Take off your pants and panties and we will find out real quick if I'm
right or wrong," she said.

"Ok, but when this doesn't work, I want you to undo what ever you did to
me," I said, as I was taking off my panties.

Victoria had me lay on the floor with my hips on top of a pillow so my
crotch was propped up in the air. She than stepped between my legs and
slowly brought her pussy within an inch of mine. This was very
uncomfortable, being naked in front of her while she stood above me with
her pussy inches away from mine. This was the stupidest thing I had ever
heard of or done. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I almost stood up
when she asked me, "Are you ready for the best feeling you've ever had
on your pussy?"

"Yes, just get it over with," I told her.

When her pussy touched mine, it was like nothing I had ever felt before.
It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. I was in heaven and
at the same time I was sick to my stomach, because I knew she was telling
the truth. The only way I was going to cum was if my pussy was rubbing
hers. And, just like that, she stepped away. I was in agony because I
hadn't cum yet. My pussy wanted more. I wanted to cry. I knew I needed
more because my pussy was in charge now, my lesbian pussy was in charge.
I was so overheated from the last two weeks, I knew I would do any thing
she told me to just to be able to cum.

"More, please I need more," I said.

"If you want more, you will have to work for it," Victoria told me with a
smile on her face. I knew this wasn't going to be easy. She pulled a
chair in front of her full-length mirror and told me to strip all the
way. I didn't want to but there wasn't anything I could do. I needed to
cum. While I was taking off my clothes, she got out a dildo.

"I want you to sit in that chair and watch yourself masturbate," she

"Don't make me do this," I told her.

"Do you want to cum or not?" she asked. I slowly sat down and stared
playing with myself.

"Open your legs wide, bitch, I want to see that cute little pussy of
yours," she said. I opened my legs wide for her amusement. I was shaking,
it was so humiliating.

"Here, use this dildo," Victoria told me. I took the dildo and rubbed it
on my pussy.

"No, fuck yourself with it," she said. I couldn't believe I was going to
fuck myself in front of this sick woman, but I did. I closed my eyes and
tried to think of something else while she did this to me.

"Look at that nasty wet pussy of yours," she said. I looked between my
legs in the mirror and saw my pussy was real red and puffy. My pussy was
so wet it was actually leaking out of me onto the chair. I wanted to cry.
I knew I wasn't going to cum this way. So did Victoria, she just wanted
me to humiliate myself for her, and I did.

"Fuck yourself harder, ream that cunt out, bitch," she said, and as I
did, I started to cry.

"Yeah, that's it, whore. Fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy like it's
never been fucked before," she said. I did. I was fucking myself so hard
it hurt. The dildo was a blur as it pounded my pussy. There was a puddle
of pussy juice on the chair now.

"Are you watching yourself in the mirror, bitch?" she asked.

"Yes," I said between sobs.

"Watch that pussy. Look at that nasty drooling cunt between your thighs.
See how it's oozing juice out. It's getting all over the place. I
don't think I've ever seen a pussy leak so much juice before. Have
you?" she asked." No" is all I could choke out.

"Is your cunt a nasty cunt?" she asked. "Yes," I told her.

"No, I want you to look right at it and say it," Victoria said. So I
looked directly at my poor abused pussy in the mirror and said, "My cunt
is a nasty cunt."

"That's better, so cum. Let that nasty pussy of yours cum all over that
dildo," she said.

"I can't cum," I said, crying and looking at my pussy in the mirror.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because my pussy need to rub against your pussy," I said.

"Your what? I wouldn't call what's between your legs a pussy. Look at
it, leaking juice like a faucet. No, that's not a pussy," she said. I
knew what she wanted me to say, but it was hard.

"My nasty leaky cunt needs to rub against your pussy to cum," I said
choking out the words.

"And why is that?" she asked.

"Because my pussy is a nasty leaky dyke cunt," I said.

"That's right, and that nasty cunt need to kiss my sweet little pussy to
cum doesn't it," she said.

"Yes, my dyke cunt need to kiss your pussy to cum," I said.

"Because your nasty dyke cunt is in love with my pussy, isn't it?"
Victoria said. I was still crying and fucking myself hard with the dildo.
I still couldn't cum. I had to say all of these nasty things for her.
She had control of my pussy and my pussy had control of me.

"Yes, my nasty dyke cunt is in love with your pussy." I told her.

"Ok, stop fucking your dyke cunt. That's a dildo not a pussy, so it's
not going to make that cunt of yours cum is it," she said. "No," I said
as I pulled out the dildo. It made a plopping sound when it came out of
my pussy. "Well, don't just sit there. Clean all your nasty cunt juice
off of my dildo, bitch," Victoria said. I got up to go wash it off in the
bathroom. She stopped me midway there and said, "Use your mouth to clean
your nasty juices off." It was hard, but I started to lick my juices off
the dildo.

I had never tasted myself before. It didn't taste like I thought it
would. Well, I don't know what I thought it would taste like. It wasn't
as bad as I thought it would be. A little salty but not unpleasant. Wait,
what was I thinking? I should be grossed out, shouldn't I? I didn't
know. I was getting so confused. While I was doing that she climbed onto
her bed and said, "If I'm going to let your nasty dyke cunt have sex
with my pussy, I want your straight mouth to have sex with it first. Got
it, bitch?"

I looked at her with tears in my eyes as I said, "Please don't make me
do this." As she spread her legs, she smiled at me and said, "You'll get
use to being a slave to your nasty cunt. I think your dyke cunt already
likes being a slave to my pussy, don't you?" "Yes," I said lowering my
eyes. I couldn't stand to look at her. "Look at me and say it," she said
forcefully. I looked at her and said, "My dirty dyke cunt likes being a
slave to your pussy." It was the hardest thing I had ever had to do. I
knew it was just the beginning of a lot of things I was going to have to
do that would be very hard for me.

"Very good, now if that dyke cunt of yours wants to cum, it better get
you over here on your hands and knees. So that straight little mouth of
yours can fuck my pussy and make me cum. You got that, bitch?" Victoria
said. I said, "Yes," as I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled over
between her legs.

I didn't want to do this. I'd never licked a woman's pussy before,
I'd never wanted to lick a woman's pussy before. As I put my mouth on
her sex she said, "That's right whore, I want you to fuck my pussy with
your cute little straight face. I want to cum all over it. So when I let
your nasty dyke cunt have sex with my pussy I can look at that straight
face with my pussy cum all over it. Knowing while your cunt is getting
off all you can smell is my sweet pussy." I started licking faster hoping
to get her off quicker so she would shut up. This was the first time I
had tasted another woman. I had an idea what she would taste like now,
after tasting myself. She tasted similar to me, but I think she tasted a
little more pleasant. I can't believe I thought that. "No," I told
myself, "this is gross. She tastes gross." It was bad enough that I had
to do this, but the way she talked to me and made me talk was more
humiliating than any thing that had ever happened to me.

"Slow down a little, bitch. We've got a lot of time. I've got my very
own straight girl to be my cunt licking whore. Oh, that feels good. Look
at me and tell me what you are," she said. I looked up at her with her
pussy juice all over my face and said "I'm your cunt licking whore,"
with tears in my eyes.

She gyrated her hips up and towards me and said, "Suck that pussy,

I put my mouth over her whole pussy and started sucking as hard as I

"Oh, that's right, bitch. You'll be doing this a lot. You never know,
you might start to like being my cunt sucking whore," Victoria said. I
don't think so I thought. "You will be doing this whenever and wherever
I want. Do you understand that, slut?" she said. "Yes," I said through
her pussy. "No, bitch, say it," she said.

"I will suck your pussy when and wherever you tell me to," I said.

"And why is that?" she asked.

"Because I'm your cunt sucking slut," I answered.

"That's right, bitch," she said as she bucked her hips into my face.

She started doing that fast and hard. Grinding her pussy into my mouth.
The whole time screaming, "I'm fucking your face. I'm fucking your
face," over and over. "Straight girl Kelly's got a mouth full of pussy,"
she said as she ground. "Straight girl Kelly is my personal cunt sucking
bitch. Come on, bitch, make me cum all over your pretty straight face,"
she said. I was crying and sucking as hard as I could, trying to get her
to cum as fast as I could.

"Yeah, slut, I'm going to cum," she screamed out, bucking harder. Every
time her pussy smashed into my face she would say, "Suck my cum, suck my
cum," over and over until she finally came down from her orgasm.

"Whew, that was good, you are one of the best cunt suckers I have ever
had. I can't wait for a couple of months after you have had some
practice at it. You'll be the best cunt sucker in this town. I might
even let my friends borrow that mouth of yours. Just imagine my little
straight girl Kelly being prostituted out as a cunt sucker to all the
lesbians in town. Won't that be nice, bitch?" Victoria said. "Yes," I
said with tears in my eyes. "Tell me you would love it slut," she said.

"I would love to be prostituted out as your cunt sucking whore to all the
lesbians in town," I said. "Yeah, I bet you would. And every time you did
you would come back to me with that nasty dyke cunt of yours dripping
down your thighs showing me how horny it is for my pussy," she said.

"Does your sick little dyke cunt want to cum?" she asked me in a little
girl voice.

"Yes my sick little dyke cunt wants to cum," I answered.

"Well, I'm not moving. If that nasty dyke cunt of yours wants to cum,
you will have to rub it against my sweet little pussy. I want you to face
me while you do it. I want to watch straight Kelly cum while rubbing her
cunt against a pussy with girl cum all over her face," she said. I
positioned myself on top of her so our legs enter locked and my pussy was
rubbing right against hers. She was looking directly into my eyes. When
our pussies touched, I gasped, it felt so good. I wanted to cry. How
could she do this to me? I started to grind my pussy into hers. It felt
wonderful. I started to moan.

She smiled at me and said, "It feels good, doesn't it?" I said, "Yes".

"What feels good, straight girl Kelly?" Victoria asked.

"My cunt rubbing against your pussy," I said in a moan.

"And why is that bitch?" she asked.

With tears in my eyes I answered, "Because my cunt is a nasty little dyke
that is in love with your pussy."

"That's right bitch," she said as she pinched and pulled on my nipples.

She was tugging my nipples hard now, and she asked, "Are you getting
close to cumming, whore?" "Yes," I answered.

"Do you smell my pussy all over your face, slut?" Victoria asked.

"Yes," is all I could say. My brain was overloading on all the pleasure
my pussy was getting.

"Is straight girl Kelly going to cum rubbing her nasty cunt against a
pussy and smelling girl cum all over her face?" she asked. I knew I had
to answer her.

"Yes," I screamed, grinding my pussy against hers as hard as I could.

"Cum, bitch, let that nasty dyke whore cunt of yours cum all over my
pussy," she said as she twisted and pulled my nipples so hard I thought
they were going to come off.

"Cum for me, bitch. Cum for me knowing that this is the only way you will
ever cum again, whore. Cum knowing you will be my cunt sucking slut for a
long time," Victoria said while she pulled my nipples as hard as she
could with a nasty smile on her face.

"Cum for me, straight girl Kelly. Cum for another woman. Cum for a pussy.
No more cock for straight girl Kelly. It's pussy from now on," she said
taunting me. I was crying and grinding into her pussy, feeling more
humiliated and more pleasure than I ever had.

"Cum bitch, knowing that nasty little gash between your legs will be
slobbering all over itself whenever you see a pussy, or even hear the
word pussy," she taunted, laughing and twisting my nipples hard. I was
moaning loader now.

"That's right bitch, your nasty dyke cunt loves kissing my pussy. It's
opening up trying to suck my cute little pussy inside of it. I can feel
it," she said. "Are you going to cum, bitch?" Victoria asked.

"Yes," I screamed crying on the verge of orgasm.

"Do you smell my pussy, whore?" she asked

"Yes, I smell your pussy," I answered.

"When you start to cum, I want you to tell me you are cumming while
smelling my girl cum all over you face," Victoria said. I was grinding my
pussy against hers as hard as I could and she was pinching, twisting and
pulling on my nipples as hard as she could. It was painful but the most
pleasure I have ever felt. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. It
felt so good I loved it, but all that pleasure was coming from a pussy
not a cock, a pussy. I hated it. A woman's pussy was giving me more
pleasure than I had ever had. I wasn't a lesbian and she knew it.
Victoria was laughing and smiling like she knew what I was thinking.
Victoria knew I wasn't a lesbian but I was getting off harder than I
ever had, on her pussy and she loved it. My orgasm started to overtake
me. I was moaning loader and jerkily smashing my pussy into hers. I could
feel my pussy trying to suck hers into mine.

"Are you cumming?" she asked knowingly.

"Yes, I'm cumming while I smell your girl cum all over my face!" I
screamed as the strongest orgasm I'd ever had plowed through my body.

"Take a deep breath. Smell my girl cum while you cum, whore," she said. I
started breathing deeply, and my nostrils and lungs were permeated with
the smell of her cum. I could almost taste it.

"That's right, bitch, the only way straight girl Kelly is going to
orgasm is if she is smelling girl cum. You will get used to it. Soon you
won't be able to cum without smelling pussy," she said.

I was bucking wildly against her pussy screaming and crying. It was the
best orgasm of my life and I hated it. It was the most intense orgasm I
had ever had. The pleasure from it was incredible. It was so strong I
blacked out for a couple of minutes. When I came around she was smiling
at me. Tears started to form in my eyes.

"Now get that straight girl mouth of yours on my pussy and clean all of
that nasty disgusting dyke cunt cum off of it whore," she said. I crawled
between her legs.

"And cover that nasty hole of yours with one of your hands. I don't want
it leaking that gross dyke juice on my bed," Victoria said.

When I covered my pussy I couldn't believe how wet and open it was it
felt nasty. I was glade she didn't make me look at it or show it to her.
I licked her pussy and cleaned my cum off of it. Every time I licked my
pussy would spasm on my hand and leak out more juice. Like it was trying
to lick her pussy too, or say thank you to Victoria's pussy for letting
it cum.

While I was cleaning my cum off of her pussy, she said, "Well, that
finalizes it. Those hypnotic suggestions probably wouldn't have stuck,
but I put a reinforcement lock in too. It was activated when you orgasmed
on my pussy. You might as well throw away any dildos and vibrators you
have. None of those things is going to do a thing for that slit between
your legs. The only thing that nasty cunt between your legs wants now is
pussy. So you better get use to being my cunt slurping bitch. You got
that slut?" I started to cry. I knew she was right and I couldn't do
anything about it.

"Is my sweet little pussy clean, bitch?" she asked. By now I knew how she
wanted me to answer her, so I said," Yes, your sweet little pussy
doesn't have any of my nasty dyke cunt juice on it." "Good, see, you are
learning. Now, stand up and spread your legs, but keep that nasty gross
slit of yours covered with your hand." Victoria told me.

It was hard to roll over and get out of her bed without using one of my
hands, but I did it. I was standing in front of this woman I hated, naked
with my legs spread wide and my hand covering my pussy waiting for her
next order.

"Now, keep your hand cupped but take it away from your cunt," she said.
As I took my hand away from my pussy I could hear some of my juices
dropping on the floor. I couldn't believe I was that wet.

"Look at your hand, bitch," she said. My hand actually had a pool of my
juices in it.

"Look at how much that nasty dyke cunt of yours loves my pussy. It gets
that wet even when all you do is clean my pussy, knowing I'm not going
to let it cum again tonight. Drink that gross dyke juice up, bitch,"
Victoria told me. I brought my hand to my mouth and drank my juices and
started crying again.

"Yeah bitch, you better get use to pussy juice and girl cum because you
will be drinking a lot of it from now on," she said.

When I left she said, "When that nasty little hole between your thighs
needs to cum again, you know where to find me. Be prepared for more
humiliation. I love doing that to you." I drove away crying, trying to
figure out what I was going to do, and knowing what I was going to do. Be
Victoria's little straight girl that is forced to be her cunt sucker by
the nasty dyke pussy between my thighs.

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twitt me
hey all, just got a new twitter account and wanted to make some friends, please add me if you wish that would be wicked cool :)

love you all


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